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Speed up hose design and development with Dyme PSI’s new award winning, game changing system for perfect fit hoses, first time. A hose manufacturer delivering millimeter accurate custom hose assemblies anywhere in the world (same day to 3 days) – never been possible until now.

The NEW award-winning Dyme Rattlesnake hose design toolkit allows you to measure the exact length and angle of your hose assembly down to the millimetre. It will significantly reduce time, cost and frustration. Speed up product development with perfect fit hoses, 1st time, every time, using a new game-changing system for: mechanics, race teams, restoration specialists, OEMs, car builders/tuners, and avid car DIY’ers and enthusiasts.

Each size of Rattlesnake fitting accommodates a range of highly precise, sophisticated, Nylon injection moulded segments that when connected, are accurate analogues for the dimensions and bend radius of each Dyme hose. Perfect Simulation: segments are assembled in a chain, accurately simulating the routing of the hose. Features in the segments maintain the position and nominal orientation to ensure accuracy when connected to the fittings.

How It Works:

  • STEP 1: Purchase a Toolkit. It includes two of every fitting and a bunch of hose segments.
  • STEP 2: Prototype. Use your tool kit to design the perfect hose routing for your application.
  • STEP 3: Upload. Enter your hose design Rattlesnake data into dymepsi.com
  • STEP 4: Delivery. Your perfect fit, tested, cleaned, OE Quality custom hose shipped same day.